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Got a Maropost Commerce Cloud website? Want to shake things up and create a new revenue stream that delights your customers, and boosts your bottom line?

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makes selling subscription products easy

Recurring products

Transform existing one-time products into subscription options easily. Give your customers auto-delivery options for the products they love.

Subscription boxes

Keesubscription makes selling boxes of the month simple. Manage your subscription-based business with tools such as set delivery and cut-off dates, inventory forecasting, and order management.

Subscribe and save

Quickly add the option to subscribe and save to your product page. Offer a discount to customers who receive your product on a recurring schedule.

For Merchants

Sell and manage repeat orders in one powerful yet simple all-in-one platform.

At last, your subscription orders are together in one place and easier than ever to manage.

  • Simple to use. Get up and running with Keesubscriptions in minutes with absolutely no strings attached. Transform one-time products into subscription product today!
  • Subscribe and save – Offering a discount to customers who receive your product on a recurring schedule.
  • Sell and manage repeat orders all within Maropost Commerce Cloud! Seamless integration with Maropost Commerce Cloud means order management is a piece of cake.

For Customers

Make it easy for customers to manage their subscriptions.

The customer portal allows your customers to manage their subscriptions directly from your store, within their “My Account”.

  • Replenishment – the customer subscribes to receive automatic replenishment of the same or similar items. This type of subscription service is mostly used for commodities, coffee, alcohol, beauty products, pet products, vitamins and more.
  • Boxes (Curation) – the customer subscribers to receive a box of curated items on a regular basis. This could be weekly meal kits, luxury items or beauty goods. There is often a surprise element to these boxes, which is part of the appeal – as long as the quality is maintained by the seller.
  • Membership (Access) – the customer receives access to exclusive items or services. Online clothing stores use this subscription type to reward subscribers with VIP deals and exclusive or early access to products.

Who’s loving Keesubscriptions

Keesubscriptions is the subscription solution we've been looking for. We are so happy with how easy it now is for us to offer our customers a regular supply of products for their pets - without them having to re-order them from us. The App integrates perfectly with our Maropost Commerce Cloud store - which means we’ve been able to successfully and easily turn one time sales into repeat business.

Jeff W.Lucky Pet Supplies

Keesubscriptions in action

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