Adding Products to Subscription Order

Having a subscription which is about to renew, is a great time to upsell your existing customer and allow them to save on shipping costs by combining their subscription order and any extra goodies.

It’s a simple change to the existing order once the order appears in “New” you can add products to their order.

How To Add Products To Subscription Order:

  1. Open up the “New” order
  2. Scroll down to you see the orderlines. Orderlines are the products the customer is purchasing on the sales order.
  3. To add the orderlines to the sales order:
    1. In the order lines section, enter all or part of the product SKU or Name into the respective fields to search for a product.
    2. Select the product from the search results to add it to the sales order.
      Enter the quantity the customer wishes to purchase in the Qty field (min 1).
    3. Repeat these steps, adding all the orderlines required by your customer.
  4. Save the order.

The customers credit card will be automatically charged on subscription renewal.