Setting Up An Auto Delivery Help Page On Your Website

Sell the benefits of auto-delivery to your customers and show them how easy it is to set up an auto-delivery of your products with an ‘about auto-delivery’ page on your website. Include your sales message outlining the benefits of auto-delivery and step by step instructions to make buying your products on repeat a no-brainer for your customers.

Here’s how it’s done.

Add a Content Page

  • From the Maropost Commerce Cloud Dashboard navigate to Webstore and select the content type associated with the page you want to create (web page, blog post or buying guide).
  • In the top right corner, click the Add new category button.
  • Enter the following information in the available fields:
    • Name: The title of the page or blog post.
    • Parent Content: If the page is a sub-category of another page, you can select its parent here. Mostly used for product categories.
  • In the Page Content section, you can add your content into the WYSIWYG Editor by typing it in. Alternatively click the Source Code button to enter HTML formatted content.

Example Copy For Your Website


Start by outlining your awesome auto-delivery offer, including key features and information about any discounts that apply. Use this section to ‘sell’ your customer on the benefits of subscribing and let them know how easy it is to do so. Bullet points and graphics are great to include if you can.

Step by Step Guide

Use this section to explain to your customer how to set up a subscription to your products. Use the text below or edit it to reflect your brand voice. The aim is to make it easy for your customers to buy your products on repeat.

Shop for your products

Step 1

Shop for your products

Select a delivery interval

Step 2

Select the ‘repeat delivery & save’ option. Select a delivery interval from the drop down list.

Add your product/s to the cart

Step 3

Add your product/s to the cart and when you have finished shopping, go to the checkout.

Set up an account

Step 4

Before you check out, you will be prompted to set up an account. Remember your details so you can login at any time to easily manage your subscription.

Your awesome product/s will be shipped to you

Step 5

Once you’ve completed your payment your awesome product/s will be on their way and we’ll keep sending them at the intervals you choose (remember you can cancel at any time).