How To Create A Membership Subscription

VIP Paid Program or Paid Membership

Wanting to start a membership program on your Maropost Commerce Cloud site? Well, its as simple as one, two and three…

Paid memberships are essentially a product, and that’s how we will set it up and let Keesubscriptions handle the charging, customer groups and more.

Step 1

  • Create one new product for each of your membership options (yearly membership, monthly membership, etc.) and do the usual things: add a SKU, image, description etc

Step 2

  • Scroll down to “Extra Options”.
  • Click on the button “+ Add Product Option”.
  • In the Option Name field type “Membership

Make sure it is a “selection box” and add in default text – “Monthly” or “Yearly” or any one of the existing options for this field. See the full list of terms here.

In our screenshot, we have included “Auto-Renew” before the renewal term as we have found it helps customer recognise this is a different kind of purchase to your usual once-off purchase.

Step 3

You are now ready to sell memberships on your site!

Here is what will happen:

  • When a customer purchases one of the membership products, they will automatically be added to your membership customer group
  • When the membership is up for renewal, their credit card will automatically be charged
  • Through the Keesubscriptions self-service portal they can cancel their subscription
  • When their subscription lapses because they’ve cancelled, or because the credit card couldn’t be charged, they’re automatically put back in the retail customer group.

Disclaimer: Styling your membership extra options is entirely up to your company and your preferred developer. We do not have a once size fits all Maropost Commerce Cloud Tweak as we have found there are many different ways customers would like to implement a membership on their site. We are happy to have a chat about your requirements and give you a free quote to implement your