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Robust platform

Our integration with Maropost Commerce Cloud means you can launch subscriptions today.

Manage all orders from Maropost Commerce Cloud

All orders show in the Maropost Commerce Cloud dashboard which makes fulfillment and accounting a breeze.

My Account

Keesubscriptions integrates into Maropost Commerce Cloud My Accounts so customers do not have to create a new account.

Direct integration

Customers can manage subscriptions straight from your current Maropost Commerce Cloud store.

Secure payments

Payment information is securely vaulted with Stripe.

Mixed carts

Allows for one-time product purchases and subscription products within the same cart.

Your Go Live Plan

Let’s walk through your simple 5-step integration plan to turn your one time customers into repeat customers within your Maropost Commerce Cloud Store. Subscriptions, made easy!

Step 1

Sign Up To Keesubscriptions App

Connect your Stripe account to the Keesubscriptions App.

Connect your Stripe account to the Keesubscriptions App
Keesubscriptions App Theme Tweaks

Step 2

Theme Tweaks

The following ‘theme tweaks’ are available for you to apply to the Keesubscriptions App.

  • Keesubscription Maropost Commerce Cloud tweak
  • Self Service Portal tweak
  • Checkout tweak
    • Optional extra: Only showing Stripe payment gateway at the checkout if the customer has a subscription product in their cart.

Refer to our documentation for a more in depth guide.

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These can be installed by you or you can hire Keetrax to install them for you for $795.

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Step 3

Set Up Your Subscription Products

You’re ready to go! Your next step is to create your subscription products or adjust one of your existing products to start selling on subscription.

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Create your subscription products
Set up your transactional emails in Mailchimp

Step 4 (Optional)


Now let’s set up your transactional emails!

This checklist will help you to get started with the basics:

  • You have created a subscription
  • Your order is about to renew
  • Your order has renewed
  • You’ve cancelled your subscription

Need some help?
You can hire Keetrax to set these emails up for you for $477.

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Step 5

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

Next, it’s time to tell the world your subscription product has arrived. How you proceed  is entirely dependent upon your marketing strategy, but these steps are a great place to start:

  • Create a website page about your auto deliveries (subscription products)
  • Tell your existing customers about your new service
  • Announce your new offering via Facebook posts and ads
  • Make it prominent on your website with a Hello Bar

Basically, announce it to the world!

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

Keesubscriptions in action

Are you ready?

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$49 per month + 2.9% transaction fee.

Does not include Maropost Commerce Cloud or Stripe Fees.