Integration With Mailchimp

Integrate with KeeSaaS Mailchimp To Maropost Commerce Cloud Connector to hone your messages to your customers and send them at the right time, every time.

If you have the KeeSaaS Mailchimp To Maropost Commerce Cloud Connector app installed, you’re in luck! We have integrated with Mailchimp to ensure your customer has a seamless experience with their purchase.

You can set up the basics to let customers know what is happening with their order and potentially upsell them!

  • You have created a subscription
  • Your order is about to renew
  • Your order has renewed
  • You’ve cancelled your subscription

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Available Events

We have the following events, using the Event API, to help you hone your message and send it at the right time, every time.

  • Created_subscription – This is used to let your customer know they created a subscription on your site.
  • Upcoming_subscription – This is used to let your customer know their order is about to be renewed.
  • Renewed_subscription – This is used to let your customer know their subscription just renewed and their order is currently being packed!
  • Cancelled_subscription – This is used if your customer cancels their subscription. It’s good to send them an email and let them know what they are missing out on.

Available Merge Tags

You can then use the following “Merge Tags” to pull together your subscriptions contents, order numbers and more.

Never heard the term merge tags? Then Mailchimp has handy documentation on how to get started with merge tags here.

  • *|order_id|*
  • *|subscription_contents|*
  • *|renews_on|*

Trigger an automated email

Trigger an automated email that sends when an API call with the event name posts. To create an automated email that sends based on a specific API event, follow these steps…

1. On your account dashboard, click the Automate drop-down menu and choose Email.

Trigger an automated email

2. Click the API tab and choose Event API.

Trigger an automated email - event API

3. Enter a campaign name and select an audience from the drop-down menu.

Trigger an automated email - select audience

4. Click Begin.

5. Find the Trigger setting and click Edit.

Trigger an automated email - edit trigger

6. On the Edit Trigger modal, choose the Delay and enter your Event Name. Make sure the event name matches the available events.

7. Click Update Trigger.

Create Your Campaign

You then run through the normal steps to create your email campaign (set up your subject lines, choose a template etc.). And then, once you have got to the point of designing your emails, the fun begins!

Use the text editor and insert your string of merge tags to create the desired message.

For example, you could have this in your email: 

Your renewal order *|EVENT:order_id|* will be charged on *|EVENT:renews_on|*.

Your subscription:


Don’t forget to include upsells or recommended product blocks etc. to entice those customers to add to their order!

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