Mapping/Linking Your Payment Methods

For your records, subscription payments need to be mapped to the right payment methods in Maropost Commerce Cloud. This ensures that you can view and reconcile your subscription payments directly from Maropost and Maropost’s accountancy integrations (Xero or MYOB).

To configure your payment method mapping, follow the simple instructions below.

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How To Map Your Payment Methods

Sign into your Maropost Commerce Cloud cpanel.

Go to settings and tools > Payment Methods

Stripe Click On Configure
Payment Options

Find your Stripe payment method

  1. Click on “configure
  2. Next, open up one of the payment methods i.e. Visa or MasterCard or American Express…
  3. Look for the ID which is located at the end of the page title “Edit Payment Method” “ID xx
  4. Log in to your key subscriptions account at
Find your ID Number

Map your payment methods

  1. Scroll down to payment methods and look for the matching ID number.
  2. Then you make sure the drop-down matches with the payment method name.
  3. Repeat until you have all of them.

Click “save

Map your payment methods