Maropost Commerce Cloud Tweak Request Form

We get it, code isn’t for everyone! Keetrax can swoop in and install the theme tweaks for you for $895. To get started, we do need you to read and sign Keetrax our terms of trade. Then give Keetrax partnership access to your site by requesting them through the Maropost Commerce Cloud portal.

Step 1 – Read Our Terms Of Trade & Sign

To become a client of Keetrax, you must sign Keetrax terms of trade here.
A copy will be sent to you and Keetrax directly. If you already are a client of Keetrax, there is no need to do this step.

Step 2 – Give Keetrax Maropost Commerce Cloud partner access

Head over to Maropost Commerce Cloud’s HQ and fill in the “Request Partner Access” form. Under company, please write Keetrax. Maropost Commerce Cloud will send us a notification once we have access.

Step 3 – Let Keetrax know!

You can just fill out the form on this page and let them know if you want force Stripe on checkout. 👉

Thats it! Once these three things are done, Keetrax will schedule it in to the next available Maropost Commerce Cloud theme tweak slot and be in touch!

Maropost Commerce Cloud Theme Tweaks Request Form

Keetrax charges $795 to install all the theme tweaks for Keesubscriptions. By submitting this form, you agree to this price.

  • This tweak makes sure that when your customers are checking out with a subscription product, it hides all other payment gateway options like Afterpay, Paypal etc. making it a smoother process for your customers.