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Frequently Asked Questions

What If My Customer Doesnt Use Stripe When Checking Out?

If a customer checks out without using a different payment method other than Stripe, they will be sent a Stripe payment link when the subscription renews the first time.

Can You Filter Subscription Orders In Maropost Commerce Cloud?

Yes, you can. Keesubscriptions is a sales channel making it easy to use the normal Maropost Commerce Cloud sales channel filter.

How Is Shipping Charges Calculated?

Shipping is automatically calculated in Maropost Commerce Cloud every time the subscription renews.

Can the I (merchant) edit the subscriptions before they are renewed?

Yes. Once the order is in “New” you are able to go into that order and add or remove items.

Can my customers edit their subscriptions?

Not edit or add products to their subscriptions. However, they will be able to cancel their order in the self-service portal under “My Account”.

What happens if inventory and no stock?

Currently goes the product goes into  -1 stock.

Can I use Any Payment Gateway?

Keesubscriptions is indeed Stripe-only. But your website doesn’t necessarily need to use Stripe: if a customer did not purchase a subscription using Stripe, our app can automatically send out a Stripe payment link when the subscription is first due to renew.

What If My Customer Card Gets Declined?

Sure, sometimes it happens! But you wanna make sure you get paid before you ship the product – right!? Stripe will automatically try again according to industry standard credit card processing rules, and after a set amount of days (that you can configure!) it will cancel the subscription.

Can I Do Bulk Discounts On Subscription Products?

Subscription prices are always based on a dollar-value discount amount from your current product price. So when you apply a pricing promotion on a product, it will apply to your current product price. Then your subscription prices will be discounted from that price – so if a product is on sale, for subscriptions the sale price will be reduced by the dollar discount you’ve set up!

Example: You sell a can of Baked Beans for $2. On subscription you apply -$0.50 if they purchase it on a weekly auto-delivery subscription. The makes the weekly purchase of Baked Beans $1.50.

Now it’s EOFY sale and your doing a storewide sale of 10% off. The original price of the bake beans goes on sale to $1.80 and your weekly auto-delivery remains -$0.50 and becomes $1.30 ($1.80 sale price -$0.50 auto-delivery price)

Can you do a "magazine" style subscription? Ie. The order and it is only fulfilled on the same day each month.

No, not currently – however, that is on our road-map to develop in the near future.

Can we have the customer pay a yearly subscription fee, but orders are created and sent on a monthly basis?

No, not currently – however, that is on our road-map to develop in the near future.

Just to recap – if a subscription order comes in, it will be in your normal order flow. When it reviews the order is placed in “NEW” for a x* amount of days. On the day of renewal – Stripe will charge the card and it moves into “PICK”.

*you can adjust that to suit your company

Can I Send Customer Reminder Notifications?

Currently we do not have a native Maropost Commerce Cloud customer notifications. We will be integrating with Mailchimp through our Mailchimp For Maropost Commerce Cloud app at a later date. Stripe does have a customer renewal notice, however you can not customise the notification.

Can An Existing Customer Use A Saved Credit Card At Checkout?

Yes, they can. It’s all part of Stripe and nothing will change there.

Can Kitted Items Be A Subscription Product?

Yes, they can.

This is ideal for box subscriptions where you want to manage your inventory.

TIP: Make sure you are consistent on which day of the month to update the products at subscription box.

What Terms Can I Use For The Auto Deliveries?

We have currently got the following terms you can use on your subscription products:

  • Weekly
  • Week
  • Every week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Every … weeks
  • Monthly
  • Month
  • Every month
  • Every 2 months
  • Every … months
  • Yearly
  • Year
  • Every year
  • Every 2 years
  • Every … years

Do You Have A CSV Import Template?

Yes, we do! You will find  a google sheet here. Just remember to make a copy before starting.

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