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A$49 per month + 2.9% transaction fee.

Does not include Maropost Commerce Cloud or Stripe Fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the transaction fees include Stripe fees?

No, Keesubscription fees are charged in addition to fees charged by Stripe

Is Keesubscrptions available in my Country?

Keesubscrptions is available anywhere Stripe is supported. Please see Stripe International for information on where Stripe is supported.

To Use Keesubscriptions, Do I Require A Stripe Account?

Yes, Keesubscriptions requires you to connect a Stripe account for payment processing. When setting up Keesubscriptions you will be walked through the process of setting up and connecting a Stripe account.

How are transaction fees charged?

Fees are taken out of payments by the customer before ever entering your bank account. You will never be invoiced or billed for transaction fees.

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